Product Visual Enhancement:


It is very important to make products look as good as possible. Well displayed product will drive  attention to it and make your costumer interested in what you are selling. Often, even under the best conditions product photos will contain flaws that need to be fixed in post-production. We offer essential retouching techniques so your products look their absolute best. We combine multiple exposures, clean up backgrounds, use the pen tool and color correct, as well as, eliminating distractions and enhancing detail in all your product photos. Our goal is to make your product POP from the page and catch the eye of your costumer.


Making manual path by pen tool in Photoshop

Changing background color, or Transparent


Drop Shadow or Reflection:

Creating new soft and clean shadow or

Adding new and realistic reflection


Advanced Retouch:

Making the object more beautiful, repairing and re-creating missing and

cracked parts of object in separate layer.


Re-Coloring Package:

Re-coloring the object to supplied color reference by client


Vector Conversion:

Creating Vector-based images that can be scaled by any amount without degrading the image quality. Output files are available in many formats like .eps, .swf and more.



All files will be saved as JPG, PNG and PSD format as client prefers

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